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 How Your Attitudes and
Values Drive Your Actions

Never again wonder why incentives and rewards that excite
others mean nothing to you.  Understand and capitalize on
your opportunities!

What drives you to take action?  What personal interests, attitudes and
values create a passion within you?  This fascinating ebook will help you understand why you enjoy the things you do and are totally turned off
by other things, and the impact this has on your career success and
personal happiness.

This ebook reveals and discusses, in depth, the six internal motivators
that drive you to take action.

Aesthetic - A passion to enjoy and experience the impressions of the
world and allow them to mold you into all you can be.  Achieve form
and harmony in life.

Individualistic - A drive to control one's own destiny and achieve
position and use that position to affect and influence others. 
A passion to lead.

Social - A passion to eliminate hate and conflict in the world and
to assist others in becoming all that they can be.

Theoretical - A passion to know, seek out, analyze, understand
and systemize.  Search for knowledge whether it has practical
application or not.

Traditional - A passion to find and pursue the higher meaning in
life, and conform to a system for living.

Utilitarian - A passion to gain a practical return on the investment
of time, effort and resources motivated by money.

When you know and understand the attitudes that drive your actions,
you will be able to:

  • Make better career choices
  • Build stronger relationships (on and off the job)
  • Develop an increased appreciation for the uniqueness of others
  • Appreciate the viewpoint of others (including your bosses and
  • Increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in life and work

Identifying these attitudes in others allows managers to select sales
candidates who are most likely to pursue, with passion, the rewards
offered for high sales achievement.  It also allows coaches to provide
meaningful customized motivation to salespeople who do not respond
to traditional rewards.

  • Reduce the staggering costs of hiring mistakes
  • Create motivational environments for sales people
  • Reduce your own stress and frustration, and
  • Achieve the recognition and rewards you deserve

This remarkable Ebook is Free.  Claim your copy now!

Your attitudes and beliefs determine what you do,
which is the key to success.  Your personality
only determines how you do it, which is
relatively unimportant as long as

the right things get done.
- Mike Stewart, Registered Corporate Coach

Complete the Workplace Motivators Assessment  
and analyze your own personal interests, attitudes, and values.

After reading If I Knew Then you will have a good understanding of
Workplace Motivators and how they drive decisions and activities on
the job. You will also probably have a feel for what's driving your own performance. However, the only way you can truly measure the feelings
and beliefs that are contributing to your success and  the ones that are
holding you back is by scientifically measuring your own personal interests, attitudes, and values.

Once you have the objective data about yourself you can create an action
plan to take advantage of your strengths by capitalizing on those motivators
that make you successful in your situation. You can also learn to deal with
your negative feelings and unblock your energy to make decisions and take actions that will lead to more success and job satisfaction.

You can discover this vital information quickly and easily by completing the Workplace Motivators Assessment on-line in complete privacy.

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Understanding your attitudes can be the most important material available to help you become all you can be.
- Bill Bonstetter, Assessment Instrument Pioneer

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